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Professor Peter Hill


35 Great James Street
London WC1N 3HB

Tel: 020 7486 2332


Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

What to expect at your first appointment...

If this is the first appointment for your child or teenager to see me, then I hope you will find the following explanatory note helpful.

  • Read the pages on this site regarding about How I Work and Charges.
  • It helps me to see both parents but I don't need to see brothers and sisters at a first appointment.
  • If a family member uses a wheelchair please note that I usually work on the first floor and there is no lift in the building. Given enough notice, my PA Alison can make special arrangements.
  • You may well want to explain to your child what sort of person you are taking them to see. I suggest you say that you are taking them to a doctor to see if there is a medical reason for their problems. The doctor will ask them some questions, but it is not a test or exam. There won’t be an operation or any injections.
  • If you have any professional reports from other specialists, or school reports, please send me copies of them beforehand, or bring them with you. I will not contact your child’s school without your permission.
  • If you are claiming on your health insurance, bring your membership number, any authorisation number and the relevant claim forms with you. If you are not claiming, please settle the full amount on the day, either by credit card (except American Express), cheque or cash.
  • If you are driving in, do note that we are in the Congestion/T-Charge zone 7am-6pm on weekdays. See
  • Parking is tight in the surrounding streets. If you are coming be car, it’s usually best to use the large car parks such as the Brunswick Square NCP or Bloomsbury Square Secure Parking which are about 15 minutes walk away. Otherwise have a look at If you fancy your chances with street parking you will need a mobile phone and a RingGo app. Do allow plenty of parking time as although I try hard to run to time I simply cannot consistently do so as there may be unexpected crises or unforeseen complex issues.
  • The nearest tube stations are Chancery Lane (Grays Inn Road exit), Holborn (but busy road traffic crossings) or Russell Square. All are about 15 minutes away.
  • At the door ring the bell for the ground floor. The receptionist will answer the door.
  • I have more referrals than I can see promptly and I have to run a waiting list for new referral appointments which can be very long. I do not like this one bit but am afraid there is nothing I can do about it as my available time for patients is limited. There isn’t much of a wait for follow-up appointments and I try to keep my list of patients to a low enough number for people to be seen within a fortnight. Half-terms and the Christmas or Easter holidays can get very busy though. We receive a large number of phone calls from people on the lists asking if we've had cancellations. A failed appointment means that we have lost an opportunity to offer somebody on the waiting list an earlier appointment, so we make a charge for failed appointments when insufficient notice (less than two working days) is given. If you cannot keep an appointment, please let Alison know as soon as possible.
  • Please address post to 35 Great James Street, London WC1N 3HB.