Professor Peter Hill - child and adolescent psychologist, London.

Professor Peter Hill


35 Great James Street
London WC1N 3HB

Tel: 020 7486 2332


Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

What you can expect me to charge...

I charge £500.00 per hour. An initial assessment will be £1,000.00. Most follow-up appointments are 30 minutes and therefore cost £250.00.

I am recognised by all the major health insurance companies, though not now by BUPA. This is because they demanded that I reduce my charges by 22% for their clients and I refused. I think it is an important principle to be fair and charge everyone the same rate, irrespective as to whether they are insured or not, or by which company. My contract is with a family, not with any insurance company. You should check whether your individual policy covers psychiatry. Companies are usually cautious about covering long-established (‘chronic’) conditions and may well have specific exclusions (such as ‘behavioural difficulties’) though they will often pay for an initial assessment. They do not always cover the whole cost of an appointment.

You will be sent a full explanation of charges when you make a first appointment.

I have retired from the NHS and can’t offer NHS appointments.